Log Splitter Buying Guide


There is a great deal to think about before selecting the very best log splitter for your demands. The machine that you choose to acquire will be established through just what you’re most likely to use that for including the sort of lumber you’re most likely to split and how frequently you will utilize this.

You’ll additionally need to think about other elements like the electrical power degree of the device as well as just how often it will require maintenance. That is actually why that deserves discovering 7 essential variables just before you calculate which is the greatest log splitter for you.


  1. How It’s Powered

You possess a couple of options when determining which electrical power source you want for your log splitter. These are actually:

  • Manual
  • Gas
  • Gas
  • Electric

Each from these options provides both conveniences and also drawbacks. Allow’s look into the opportunity from a hands-on log splitter, to begin with. The absolute most apparent benefit of this particular type of log splitter is the expense. As a result of the fact that there is no source of power in play except for your muscle mass, you can decide on one up pretty cheaply.

Nonetheless, these can be grueling to utilize as well as will often require a sizable quantity from strength. It is not the kind of equipment you’ll want for dividing multiple locks in a quick duration.

Hydraulic log splitters make use of a gas pump along with oil or aged fabricated steam, driving the splitter with the log. This functions as an electrical axe. Usually, you’ll pay more for this sort of power, and you are going to usually discover that a gas splitter works with pressure from 8 to 34 tonnes.

If you have a hydraulic splitter, it will ultimately be powered by fuel or electricity. Your inclination listed below is heading to be found out by a few variables. Exactly how noisy perform you wish it to be? An electrical log splitter is undoubtedly quieter compared to a fuel log splitter and also thus are going to be more practical if you are working someplace such as your lawn. However, you also need to consider electrical power.


Petrol splitters tend to be more strong and a whole lot much faster. You might be able to traverse double the number of logs a power splitter could perform in the same time frame. So, this is worth considering exactly what you are utilizing your splitter for as well as the amount from lumber you are processing. That additionally means that you have to look at the type of timber that you are visiting be reducing.

2. Types Of Wood It Is Suited For

There are two sorts of lumber that you may be breaking along with your equipment. These are:

  • Seasoned
  • Green

Seasoned timber is much older and also more mature. As such, it becomes more fragile and also is far simpler to split. The moisture inside the wood evaporates, and also you’ll discover you could puncture it, even with a manual splitter in no time whatsoever. This is especially true for more mature kindling that may have been left behind for a couple of months lowered, yet indeed not yet broken.

Environment-friendly wood is commonly green or yellow in colour; as a result, it is a label. That has kept the humidity and consequently is even more complicated to traverse. Therefore, you will undoubtedly require a splitter that has a higher tonnage ranking. That is actually why you’ll probably consider making use of a hydraulic splitter that is gasoline powered to cut eco-friendly timber. Indeed, there is another element to consider right here, and also is the style from your splitter.

Equally, you use chainsaw establishments along with another chisel profile for cutting various forms of hardwood therefore also do you have to consider different timber splitter options.

  1. Format of Log Splitter

There are 2 hardwood splitter formats that you must be aware of when selecting the very best log splitter for your job:

  • Straight log splitter
  • Upright or even vertical log splitter

Straight splitters are far more usual in comparison to the straight assortment. Along with a horizontal splitter, the log is placed on leading from the splitter, and also this is actually after that pressed with a wedge into the splitter to slice with it.

Regrettably, as a result of the layout, you may possess issue obtaining bigger logs lifted up onto this sort of tool. For that form of more significant record, there is a vertical splitter. A vertical splitter could be used by rotating the devices then spinning the login to this. As such, no heavy training is needed.

Therefore a horizontal splitter is going to be useful for smaller sized logs but the more massive brutes of the woods; you are going to must look at an upright splitter. These are ideally fit for industrial functions especially.

If you carry out select a straight splitter, you would like to take into consideration receiving a dual action log splitter. This is a superb time saver considering that may break logs in both directions, allowing you to double the variety of records you can split and pack in a prepared time.

Yes, the drawback is that you are going to possess issue raising much heavier records or even smaller sized records could examine impartially a lot. That pointed out; you could obtain a horizontal splitter along with a gas boost. This suggests that you can quickly get the log and relocate onto the splitter without injuring your spine.

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  1. Type Of Wood Splitter

Next, you must consider the type of log splitter that you want. Once again, there are a handful of possibilities to think about. You could receive:

  • A tractor mounted log splitter
  • A towable log splitter
  • A workshop log splitter


A tractor installed log splitter is excellent if you are reducing download in the woodland as is a towable log splitter. The advantages of a tractor mounted log splitter is that it will be excellent for an agricultural or substantial real estate setting, specifically for plant farmers. The splitter is hooked up to the tractor hydraulics and also can be had straight to where the hardwood is being cut down.