Waterproofing Spray

Waterproofing spray can be a great way to add an extra layer of protection to surfaces in which water can be harmful.  This is useful for adding an extra layer of protection to everything from fabrics on clothing or footwear, to leather surfaces, the outside of your tent, and even a deck or patio surface.  Although you’ll want to find the right type of waterproofing spray because not all varieties will work on every surface.  Using the wrong spray could result in damage to your material, or complete ineffectiveness when the surface in question is forced to face up to rain or another source of water.

So the first factor will be deciding which type of object you have that needs to be protected by waterproofing spray.  Consider if you have leather boots or a leather jacket that you like to wear outside.  Both could be damaged easily by water, so protecting them is essential.  If you are camping waterproofing spray can help protect your tent from water leakage.  That means you’ll stay dry even in the harshest of conditions.  If you are protecting the surface of your deck or patio, you’ll need something heavy duty that won’t wear away under the rays of the sun, or a harsh rainy season.

Now that you’ve got your surface specified, there are two different types of natural sprays that you’ll be able to use.  There are traditional spray bottles or even aerosol sprays that can both be used for the same purpose.  Aerosol waterproofing spray is great for quick application, as it doesn’t require you to rub in the chemical, and usually, it sets in almost immediately.  This way you can quickly cover clothing, or a tent surface so that you can protect your items from moisture very effectively.

Spray bottles are better for long-term use, however, as they usually feature chemicals that are intended to last longer.  Usually, you’ll have to rub the waterproofing spray in with a cloth or other type of applicator, to get the full effect, but this is the most useful.  By using this type of chemical on clothing or even a deck surface, you can guarantee long-term water protection that also keeps out water much more effectively.  With aerosol sprays, you can’t always guarantee that the whole area is covered.  But by applying a waterproof spray with an applicator, you can ensure every inch of your intended surface is completely safe.

When you’re looking to buy any waterproofing spray, you can find plenty of options at any outdoor sporting goods stores.  Usually, these retailers specialize in outdoor equipment, and being able to protect yourself from moisture is important when camping or hunting.  You can find waterproofing spray from a local store like Cabela’s or even an online retailer like WorkingGear.com.  Both have a great and large selection of multiple types, and you can find the perfect spray for you, for as low as $10 to $15.  But remember to double check the product packaging, to ensure that type is intended for your planned usage.

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